Agenda – Virtual BroadcastPro Tech Summit | 14 – 15 Jun 2022 | Online


Digital transformation, remote
production, cloud and broadcasting,
IP and evolving technologies within OTT

14 – 15 June 2022 | Online


Key debates at the BroadcastPro Tech Summit will revolve around these topics:

Digital transformation

Where do we stand

Covid-19 did lead to a huge uptake in streaming services, but it also delivered a big blow to film and TV production companies as well as cinema chains, spurring them to transform their operations through digital solutions. What does digital transformation entail from a technology, corporate culture and employee POV, and what opportunities does it create with the emergence of 5G, the deployment of cloud services and virtualisation?

Cloud migration

A luxury or necessity?

The adoption of cloud services is no longer a luxury but a necessity but how do we address migration, connectivity, budget, integration and interoperability? Industry practitioners will discuss best practices to accelerate cloud adoption.

IP integration

How far in the game are we?

With many companies in a state of technology debt, where they are struggling with legacy products and processes brought on by building on layers of proprietary equipment over the years, the transition to IP brings them to one central question – where do we begin and how do we make it happen without breaking the bank? Experts will attempt to demystify areas that continue to confound engineering teams and perhaps offer new perspectives to ease the journey to IP.


Moving FAST in an OTT world

FAST services have dramatically altered how linear channels are created, distributed, and consumed. Experts will explore how these services will enable broadcasters to experiment with new TV formats, use data to serve different ads to different households and how FAST can potentially help democratise the world of content delivery.

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